Wednesday, December 20, 2017

facebook facial recognition feature opt out to increase privacy in facebook

facebook facial recognition feature opt out to increase privacy in facebook

facebook facial recognition feature
  • You will be automatically notified when someone upload your picture
  • It will increase safety and user control
Facebook continuously working on user safety and control in the facebook to reduce the fake content, fake profile. Facebook is always criticizes for the fake content. Thus facebook releases new facial recognition feature which let to allow when someone your picture in the facebook. The facial recognition feature will be available everywhere except Europe and Canada,where privacy regulator raised objection against facial recognition.

The facial recognition technology helps in fighting against to abusive conduct on the network.It also increase the additional safety

Rob Sherman, the company’s deputy chief privacy officer said in the interview that This feature was already in used to suggest friend or Tag a friend. He also said that new features help more control by informing them when someone posted their photo in facebook which is a great technology and helps in misleading act or temper to a person.

This facial recognition feature identify most user head on photo but it get struggle to find photo in shadow or different angle. It also struggle to identify the twin. Basically it is based on machine learning algorithm and facebook is always working on it. 
People also get trouble to identify someone .Thus facebook facial recognition technology aslo get trobule to identify someone and facebook leaves them untagged

Great tool for Visually  impaired people

Yes It is a great tool for visually impaired people.The facebook facial recognition helps to generate automatic alt text tool from any images like river or tree etc.Thus it helps in visually impaired people to hear sound of surrounding object  via identify images.But the facebook facial recognition is still not sophisticated to give great experience to user.

Source- Bloomberg


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