Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Facebook releases new policy to fight against fake news

Facebook releases new policy to fight against fake news

Facebook replaces 'Disputed Flags' with Related Articles to fight against fake news

Facebook is the biggest social networking with 2 billion active user daily.Facebook will connecting you to the people who matter most to you. It has a vision  to connect family and friends. Thus it require accurate knowledge which helps you to improve yourself.

There's a huge amount of misleading information out there on the internet. Facebook is most popular for spreading fake news. But facebook takes many steps to stop fake news but it is not available to stop fake news.

On December 20, 2017 facebook announces two new changes to reduce fake news.
  1. Facebook will no longer to support Disputed flag to identify fake news instead of this it uses relative article to give more context about the story. Relative article is great tool to find more story related to that story. Which helps to find accurate story in facebook
  2. Facebook will use third party fact-checkers organisation to check fake news. It is the best weapons for facebook. If a content is identify by the fast checker as a false content within 1-3 days then  its distribution on Facebook will reduced by 80 percent.

How facebook do it?

Firstly Facebook classify all article to related article then Facebook will  listen to feedback from community and uses machine learning to understand what stories might be false.Then send those potential hoaxes to  fact-checking partners for review. These fast checking organizations review the stories,check their facts, and rate their accuracy which determines the validity of the article.

Whom will be the effected most?

economic incentives spammers and troll farms who is in the first place of generation of fake information. This will lead to destroy this kind of farm.

Will Facebook punishes the fake content publishers?
Yes,Facebook is very strict against fake news content. Facebook will also take action against domains and pages that repeatedly and regularly create false news.Following action will be taken against the fake news creator
  • Facebook reduces the distribution i,e news feed visibility will be reduced.
  • Facebook  restricted the monetize capability to the page.
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Facebook continuously work harder to stop fake content .Facebook take strict rule against spammer and scammers. This rule is headache for this troll farm or fake content maker.

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