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How to buy bitcoin in India (Latest 2017)

How to buy bitcoin in India?(2017) step by step guide to help you

how to buy bitcoin

Bitcoin is the primary decentralized advanced cash, without a national bank or single director and cash can send through the system. The system is shared and exchanges happen between the clients directly.These exchanges are finished by execution of the blockchain with cryptography. 

This mind-boggling estimation and usage is first done by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and discharged as open source programming.

In this article, we explain to you how to buy bitcoin in India?

Things that you need before buying bitcoin in India

Step 1:
  1. An email account
  2. A PAN card 
  3. A bank account
  4. An Aadhaar card
Step 2:

If you have all of these then choose a Bitcoin wallet there are lots of bitcoin wallet in India
  1. Unocoin (Popular) - It is the leading bitcoin wallet in India. It is available in Website and mobile platform for buy and selling of bitcoin.
  2. Zebpay (Popular) - It is the most popular bitcoin wallet in India. It is available in mobile formetandit most secure Bitcoin wallet.
  3. Coinsecure - It is an Indian Bitcoin trade and exchanging platform. It offers low expenses at only 0.3% for each purchase and it has various store alternatives including NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and money store payment
  4. Coinmama 
  5. LocalBitcoins
  6. Bitcoin ATMs
  7. VirWoX 
  8. Mycelium Local Trader
  9. ShapeShift
  10. bitcoin-otc
Now choose a bitcoin wallet. Unocoin works on website and app mode and Zebpay works on only App mode whereas LocalBitcoin is used to direct selling of bitcoin.Every bitcoin wallet has the same procedure we will explain for unicoin wallet

How to buy bitcoin in India?

step 1- create an account

how to buy bitcoin

 Step 2- enter email address and submit

how to buy bitcoin
Step 3:- confirm your account in your mail

how to buy bitcoin

Step 4 :- Accept  terms and conditions

how to buy bitcoin in india


Step 5:- Sign in now
sign in
Step 6- Confirm your identity

verify your identity

Step 7- Voilla !! You are done !Now you can buy bitcoin from your wallet

buy bitcoin now

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