Monday, December 4, 2017

How to download videos,images from Youtube ,Instagram and Facebook [100% working]

Facebook,Instagram,Youtube  prevent downloading images and video from desktop but everything has a solution

Videos and Images are the important part of our life. We want to store memories in everyday life so we want to download it to share this with our loved ones. It seems difficult to download the facebook, Instagram videos. Techferb explains you easy step by step way to download photo and videos from Instagram, youtube and facebook.Let's get started.

Method 1:  It is my personal favorite method to download images , videos from everywhere.
Step 1- Search savefrom net in Google you will find save from net link.
Step 2: After that Click install .It is position at top right  
how to download videos from instagram

Step 3: You have to click download Button .if the 
how to download videos from instagram step3

Step 4: Click on the button in the list of downloads like this image below
how to download videos from instagram step 4
step 4

Step 5: Press "Yes" in the security system dialog
Step 6: Accept the arguments and You have done.
how to download videos from instagram step 6

Now you see a Download button in every image on Instagram facebook and youtube.It is really Awesome you can try it.It is available in Chrome, Mozilla and Mozilla mobile as a extension.After that, you will not be regretted. 

how to download videos from instagram final

This is the step by step process to download images video from Youtube,facebook, and Instagram .If you have any problem to download this comment below.

Method 2: Internet downloading Manager
It is known as IDM.It is also the great tool to download videos from youtube,facebook,instagram. You can install it for 30 days trial.

Step 1: Download Now Internet Downloading Manager
Step 2: Run idman629build2.exe you will get a pop-up.
Step 3: Follow installation instructions and accept term and conditions.
Step 4: Run Internet Download Manager (IDM) from your start menu

These are the step by step to download Internet Downloading manager. If  You will find any problem you can comment here.


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