Monday, January 8, 2018

Transform your cheap PC into Gaming Pc by Nvidia trick

Transform your cheap PC into Gaming Pc by Nvidia GeForce Now App

Playing the game on the cheap laptop is hazardous. It gives so much lagging and difficulty. So Nvidia notices such kind of difficulty and released a Windows App which can transform your laptop into gaming PC. Last Year Nvidia released GeoForceNow beta version for Mac but this year Nvidia brings it to windows Pc.This focus on core Windows gaming users.

The biggest concern of the game streaming service is the delay and internet connection. On the CES 2018, Nvidia shows their beta version of the windows app.  Nivia tie up with the Wynn hotel’s Wi-Fi.  which gives a speed of 50mbps. If you play game on this app which transform your cheap pc into gaming Pc.
GeForce Now is here for PCs. Head over to Nvidia’s GeForce Now webpage to request beta access if you live in North America or Europe. In beta period this service is free.


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