Monday, February 12, 2018

downvote button for the facebook users

Downvote button for the facebook users

downvote button for the facebook users
Taylor Lorenz

Facebook is working on the alternative of  upvote button, Facebook confirmed that they are working on the downvote button.

2.How it is important?

3.How it is different from the Dislike Button?

4.Where did the Downvote concept come?

5.Where is it available?

What is Downvote button?

Ans: It will be feedback system .This system helps peoples to hide comment on their facebook pages also provide feedback about them.

How is it important?

Ans: It is very important because if the content is offensive, misleading or Off-topic then this content will be hide from the newsfeed of the person. It will help to reduce fake content.

How it is different from the Dislike Button?

Ans: It is different from the dislike button because it  will not harm to emotional of a facebook users and it will help the reduction process of offensive , misleading content in facebook.

Where did the Downvote concept come?

Ans: The Downvote system first seen in reddit. Downvoting system was made popular by the Reddit.
In the response of the facebook Downvote system Reddit CEO Alexis Ohanian tweeted "Sincerest form of flattery! Wish I'd trademarked it and 'upvote' when I came up with it."

Where is it available?

Ans:According to the Tech-Crunch reports Facebook is testing the button on five percent of android users in the United States. Facebook testing it in the comment section .

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