Saturday, May 5, 2018

Beware don'tap on this box WhatsApp 'hang' message .Here is the reason behind this

'Don't touch here WhatsApp hang message is the mystery for the many user who forward this message that leads to crash or hand the WhatsApp . Here we will tell you what is the reason behind it.

Their are many user who facing the issue with functioning of their WhatsApp after tapping on the message usually forwarded by friends who wants a quick laugh. A new forward message is the new trend which is floating in the WhatsApp where If you tap on the message that leads to jam for few second. Many people are thinking  that it is a bug of the WhatsApp or you got hacked by this but actually it is not a bug or hacking of your WhatsApp account. We will explain what is the reason behind this. 

WhatsApp hang message
Beware don't tap on this box viral WhatsApp hang message
If you look the above image it contain some text and a black ball .For every character there are some specific number in Unicode format.As our computers only deals with numbers. The character and number are stored by assigning a number for each one. This simple principle is basic hack for this viral message . Now we will explain how.
whatsapp hand message
whatsapp viral hand message

    As we said that every character there are some specific number in Unicode format so in above image if you look at 'I' has some specific number whereas other has some other specific number. But you have noticed that there are some Unicode characters that repeat a bunch of times. There are ordinary spaces interspersed to give the box some width.These marks, called control characters, don't take up any width and are practically invisible.

And Your mobile phone  or the app involved probably got stuck because it couldn't process all these control characters used in this unexpected way.

If you noticed that if you click on the text of the message or black ball it isn't stucking but if you click on the black space it got stucked and also if you open this message by WhatsApp web it willn't be stuck.
So your account is safe and secure it is due to your mobile couldn't process the control character which is repeated for the many time.

Share this article to your friend to remove the misconception about this . Happy reading :)

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